Jessica age 32 says:

“I feel amazing! Dr. Frandsen is great! I’ve had immediate improvements. My right eye had been blurry for 2 years, but it’s clear now! I can move my right arm and I’m no longer using my cane to walk around! I would recommend Dr. Frandsen to anyone!”

Kim age 38 says:

“I had pain just about everywhere in my body and was seeing a traditional chiropractor, but my pain was getting much worse after a month of seeing him, so I decided to see Dr. Frandsen. After my first visit I gradually started to feel much better. By the third day I felt normal! It is hard to believe such a gentle adjustment could make such a big difference. I am excited to see what will happen over the next few weeks. I do know one thing for sure, I will never go back to a traditional chiropractor. Thank you Dr. Frandsen, you are a miracle worker!”

Ronage 75 says:

I have bone on bone arthritis in my knees and heart problems will not allow me to have a knee replacement. I’ve tried many different avenues to try to get relief from the pain and discomfort. I also have high blood pressure and tightness in my neck muscles. I wanted to see if NUCCA treatment would help any of these problems.

My first visit my legs were ½” difference on length and I was 20# heavier on my left side. After my first adjustment my legs were both even and my hips were in line, which I never have. I was able to turn my head from side to side without pain. My most surprising and exciting result was my knee pain was completely gone. This was astounding to me! I was able to walk up the stairs at my home normally one foot ahead of the other and not one step at a time.

Another surprising benefit was the involuntary muscle twitching and spasms I get every day were gone for 3 days and greatly minimized after that. This has been my experience with every adjustment. Although the spasms don’t stay away for weeks, I have hope that this may one day be the case.

My knee pain has lessened and when I have regular adjustments and not wait for months it really helps. If I remember not to prop my head with my hand when working at the computer my correction stays better and I see the results in all the ways listed.

At my last appointment I had a headache when I arrived. After Dr Frandsen’s adjustment the headache was gone, and the pain in my knee and neck were gone. I’m grateful for the treatment I’ve received and for Dr Frandsen’s caring ways. He’s friendly and personable and always takes time to talk. And he has helped my quality of life to be much better. I’m definitely a Wasatch Spinal Care and NUCCA fan!

Victoria age 19 says:

“My experience has been awesome. I came in and had every question answered and didn’t feel pressured to stay, but after my first correction I felt great. My back immediately felt more relaxed and didn’t hurt nearly as much as in the past. I felt like I had more energy and I wasn’t always in pain 24/7. Since my first treatment here my progress has been great! I feel as if my back is really getting better already my third time in. The atmosphere is awesome and I feel at home. I have absolutely loved Wasatch Spinal Care. My back is feeling better and better and I just am loving the results so far!”

Shawna age 58 says:

“When I came to Dr. Frandsen I could hardly move without pain. My lower back was in a complete shut down. We determined I have a probable herniated disc. After my first adjustment the pain started to subside. Although I am not entirely pain free after 6 visits, I feel I have improved. Dr. Frandsen was kind compassionate & accommodating. He even took a 2nd set of x-rays to make sure of adjustments. I am now holding the adjustment and expect improvement to continue.

I appreciate his attention to detail from his professional demeanor to his lovely, calming office.This was a TOTALLY different experience than I have ever had at a chiropractic office, especially in the treatment- very gentle and non-invasive.”

Aaron age 34 says:

“I was having some neck & shoulder pain, but I also noticed in my daily running that I was running on the outside edge of my foot. It would get sore after a 15 mile run. A few days after my adjustment (I let it “settle” before jumping back into a run regimen) I realized just before the end of my run that my foot wasn’t sore & without consciously trying I was running on my whole foot, not just the edge.”

Danielle age 32 says:

“Meeting with Dr. Frandsen was pushed on me by a co-worker who talked “our” workplace into a day off, going to a women’s expo and talking with Dr. Frandsen.

My first visit was for a “me” prove it session which turned into a “wow, I’ll see you later.” By the second visit I was already feeling major differences while in extreme pain due to past experiences brought back up to the center. My walk was better, I was feeling better. My third visit there much to rejoice about. My road to recovery is in motion, and I am loving the way I feel. It shows in my walk and work. Looking forward to my next appointment.

Each appointment has a new set of pain but then comfort at the same time. I feel loads of freedom from weighed down from past injuries. No more weighed down each visit these loads become lighter and soon they will be gone.”

Mary age 62 says:

I came to Dr. Frandsen after trying traditional chiropractic treatment for several years. I had numbness and tingling in my hand and arm that would become excruciating at times. Although it sometimes bothered me during the day, it was often waking me from sleep 4-8 times each night. My neck and shoulder muscles were very tight and painful and I often had low back pain.

Over the course of several weeks of treatment these symptoms diminished more and more. I had adjustments several times a week for the first few weeks as my muscles seemed to pull my spine back the way it had been for years. Then once a week, then once every few weeks, and most recently I’ve gone several months without an adjustment. I anticipate that my need for adjustments will continue to diminish, but I’m so grateful to have found someone who can provide me with help and relief when needed! It’s totally amazing to me that the very gentle touch on my neck would provide the relief I have received from this painful problem.

I’ve also been impressed with the supplements Dr. Frandsen told me about. I’ve used another respected and well-known vitamin supplement for years, but after taking the Standard Process vitamins and minerals I felt an increase of energy and vitality. Obviously it provides some of the nutrients I didn’t know I was missing.